EuropePark Apartments are located in the town of Rust, beside Germany`s biggest theme park, the Europapark. From our apartments, you can reach the main entrance of the Europapark in 13 minutes walking distance. And in less than 10 minutes walking distance you can reach many various restaurants.  At the same time, you will stay in a quiet family friendly neighborhood. Apart from your adventurous time in the Europapark,  you will have a big variety of touristic places in the area.

Within 20 minutes drive, you will arrive at the historic city of Freiburg, in 35 minutes, you reach the French city of Strasbourg, where you have a big variety of shopping stores, and the European Parliament. Even the richest city of Germany, Baden-Baden, known for its Casino, and high-class boutiques is located only 40 minutes away by car. And you need jut to drive 10 minutes longer in the same direction to reach the outlet city of Roppenheim.

In the opposite direction, in the south of Rust, there you can spend some time in the fairy tale alike area of the Black Forest with its lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. Even the swiss city Basel is located only 50 minutes away in the same direction.